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Working at Heights

Working at Heights training prepares students to safely perform work at heights, to properly
use personal protective equipment, and prepares them with the basic skill set to fully
implement a rescue from heights in a remote turbine environment.

Working at Heights Training | Student understanding includes the demonstrated ability to:

  • Correctly deploy an evacuation device

  • Correctly inspect equipment pre-use, properly service and store equipment, and properly fit PPE

  • Understand the dangers and risks associated with working at heights in the WTG environment

  • Properly assess rescue situations and efficiently deploy proper rescue equipment in the WTG environment

  • Correctly use relevant PPE, identify anchor points, and proper ladder use protocol

  • Correctly identify PPE including those with standard European/Global insignia

This two-day training course (one of the four GWO BST modules) focuses on the access and egress
conditions of a wind turbine environment.

Following the Global Wind Organizations lesson plan for working at height, participants receive the
necessary basic knowledge and skills through theory and practical training to use basic PPE and perform
safe work at height and safe comprehensive basic rescue from height in a remote wind turbine

For more information, call (833) 832-4946

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