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Manual Handling

Manual Handling comprises proper ergonomic techniques that can be used in a variety of scenarios in the wind turbine industry and environment. With a focus on safe implementation, these techniques are the foundation from which students can innovate solutions as well as draw from for planning.

Manual Handling | Student understanding includes the demonstrated ability to:

  • Understand the safe and correct practice of Manual Handling and equipment

  • Identify indications of injuries related to improper Manual Handling technique

  • Perform risk reduction techniques

  • Identify any aspect of a job task that might increase the risk of injury

  • Carry out tasks safely and in line with the legislative requirements relevant to the geographic location

  • Problem solve

The aim of this four-hour training course (one of the four GWO BST modules) is to give participants
awareness through theoretical and practical training to encourage positive manual handling behavior
and perform manual handling activities in a safe manner in the wind turbine industry and environment.

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